Help your employees reverse type 2 diabetes. Save millions in the process.

Employees diagnosed with diabetes incur an average $16,750 in medical expenses each year. That's ~2.3x the medical expenses of a person without diabetes.

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Physicians (not coaches)

Unlike many other services that use online coaches to provide support, Mora uses highly specialized plant-based physicians to provide licensed medical care in a group setting. This results in much higher compliance and adherence. Patients are far more likely to listen to their doctors, rather than a online coach.

Licensed Medical Care

Our physicians are licensed in all 50 states to provide medical care. We are HIPAA certified, and carry all necessary insurance and certifications.

Labs & Blood Work

We remotely monitor patient health data using RPM devices and blood work. Blood work is done at the start and end of the 10 weeks, so patients can see the real improvements their biomarkers have made.

Deprescribe Medications

As patient's biomarkers improve, our physicians will work with them to safely lower and possibly completely deprescribe medications.

The power of groups

Our group model allows patients to get increased facetime with their physicians. Compared to a traditional 15 min doctor visit, our patients get 10 hours of facetime with their physician in the first 10 weeks.

Patients in the group keep each other accountable and provide support and motivation. It takes a lot of effort to make life long meaningful changes and our group model excels at providing the best environment for this.


annual cost savings / employee


loss of weight in 10 weeks


reduction in sick days

"There are 2 types of cardiologists: vegans and those that have not read the data."

Dr. Kim Williams
Past President, American College of Cardiology

Evidence-based, lifestyle medicine treatment helping your employees achieve optimal health and joy.

Clinical Research

In the last decade, major clinical research work has been done showing the efficacy of lifestyle medicine in dealing with conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, arthritis, chronic pain, obesity, and cognitive function.

Employer FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions by companies evaluating if Mora is a good fit for their organization.

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How much does Mora cost?

Mora is billed as a standard primary care visit via insurance. If your company is self insured we can discuss a direct cash pay agreement. Estimated at $250 per active patient, per month as needed. If you’d like us to go through your insurance, we will just bill the carrier directly. No out of pocket cost to your company.

I already have so many health programs, why will my employees be interested?

Most programs, albeit with good intentions, never see the promised uptick. They usually only get 1% of the company using them. Mora is different— due to the social, group-based nature of the program patients tend to recruit their co-workers after seeing their own results. Adoption of the program therefore happens organically within the organization. Mora is also not meant for all your employees. It's a specialized service meant for those that need medical intervention for chronic disease. Roughly this amounts to 20-30% of employees.

How is employee data treated? Is it HIPAA compliant and secure?

Mora Medical, PLLC is a licensed medical provider and will enter into a Business Associate Agreement with your company. All patient health information will be protected per HIPAA regulations. Our team is licensed to practice medicine in their respective states, and we can provide medical care in all 50 states, including DC. We also carry medical malpractice and other insurance coverages.

I already have a diabetes vendor like Omada or Livango. How is Mora different?

Mora is fundamentally different in 2 ways:

Specialized Physicians: Other vendors provide care via self-serve apps assisted by online coaches. These coaches are not medical personnel and communicating with them almost feels like talking to a chat bot. If you don’t believe us, ask them some controversial questions like "should I drink milk?" or, "can I adjust my insulin?" and you’ll get generic copy paste answers. This is because they can’t give medical advice. Mora is different - we only provide care via specialized physicians. And because they are respected physicians, they get far higher compliance and adherence rates as patients really trust their doctors.

Business Model: Our goal is to reverse chronic disease as efficiently as possible so that patients can get healthy and remain healthy for their foreseeable future. We do not aim to ‘manage’ disease as most vendors and pharma companies do hoping to charge a monthly fee for years and years. Our best patient is one that no longer needs our service.

Do you do value based care / fully capitated agreements?

Yes, we’re open to various captive models where we provide the service for free and get paid based on total patient savings. For each employee that is type 2 diabetic and is able to reverse, you save on average $9000/year.

How do I recruit patients / promote this within my organization?

We have an internal marketing team that can help with promotions and initial adoption. After the initial push, we find patients will recruit their co-workers since they can’t stop talking about how good they feel.

What liability would the employer have?

None. Mora Medical takes on the liability as a licensed medical provider for the service.

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