Superfood Green Smoothie

Start your morning with an energizing superfood smoothie and your body will thank you for the rest of the day. Countless variations are possible by changing up the fruits and greens. Experiment with adding plant-based milks, juices or coconut water to reach desired consistency. Serve on its own as a power beverage or as part of a smoothie bowl and top with fresh or dried fruit, dried coconut, nuts and seeds or granola.

Written by
Jonathan Marbas
Last updated
October 14, 2022


-2 cups pineapple, peeled, core removed, ½ inch cubes
-1 large banana
-¾ cup strawberries
-3-4 stalks of kale, stems removed
-1 tablespoon hemp seeds, chia seeds, or ground flax seeds, optional


1. Place all of the ingredients in a strong blender and blend well. Enjoy within 20 minutes for optimal flavor and nutrition.

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