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With Mora's personalized, lifestyle-focused approach to health, our patients have achieved incredible success and transformed their lives. Their stories are a testament to the power of Mora's expert guidance and support.

Real patients, real stories.
Incredible transformations

“I was 33 years old, over 400 pounds, and food was my prison.”

A picture of Murti

“Family means everything; I lost many of them due to poor food choices.”

A picture of Murti

“I just loved food, but the food didn't always love me back.”

A picture of Murti

Transformational stories

Our patients are given the time, understanding, and support to make real change, which leads to incredible results.

Alan's story

“In 10 weeks with Mora I’ve lost 34 pounds, my cholesterol came down from 220 to 160, my blood pressures are way, way better and I have most amazingly brought my A1c down, which was once 13, down to 5.8, which is truly amazing. My doctors are in shock. I want to thank Mora for all they've done for me.”

Jeff's story

"Dr. Yashoda is an excellent doctor, easy to communicate with, and gives sound medical advice. The weekly meetings integrated all of Dr. Yashoda’s advice on sleep, nutrition, emotions, stress, and overall health issues. The support group allowed me to feel accountable to the other members and helped me to understand why many of us have common health issues. The effect of the group support cannot be quantified, but I know it worked!"

Kelly's story

“If you’re looking for a doctor who will actually listen to you, who will help you find out what’s wrong, to look for the root cause of your disease and then be able to correct what your body needs by using food, and not just food but also lifestyle. Mora Medical is what you need— if you want answers, if you want to feel great, if you want to have your body operating correctly then you need to have a doctor who will cure you and not just give you prescriptions then Mora Medical is what you need.” 

Mary's story

"The weekly circle led by Dr. Yashoda provided cutting edge medical care for me. Dr Yashoda presented invaluable information and tools for implementing that information with regard to all the major pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Working with a group was a uniquely beneficial aspect of this program. The circle provided accountability as well as moral support for each other.

I don’t know of another program like this, and I am so grateful that I have been able to participate in the weekly circles, and now able to participate in the monthly alumni circle. The team at Mora Medical really care about their patients!"

Kevin's story

"Well this has been a really great group, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, and are looking for some direction that’s non-judgemental and just geared towards helping you get better and treating the root cause and not the symptoms then this would be a good place to start. This has been a real eye opener for me and has given me some direction"

Rebecca's story

“Mora has been just a wonderful experience for me because I love having a caring and supportive environment of a group and a doctor who cares about each of us and gives us advice on how we can eat and live and sleep and move better each day. I feel like it’s really helped me on my journey to feel better everyday and I love making this transition to plant based whole food eating, it’s a wonderful experience” 

“In 4 weeks, my fasting glucose level is normal again (75-85 range) and I have lost 9 pounds. It’s been a great journey.”

Shika, Mora Patient

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Many people, many stories, and many incredible results


“In 2 weeks my LDL cholesterol dropped by 31% and triglycerides dropped by 41%. Both are back into normal ranges.”


“In 4 weeks, my fasting glucose level is normal again (75-85 range) and I have lost 9 pounds so far. I feel great.”


“In 8 weeks, my bp is back within normal range, and my doctor is even taking me off one of my medications.”

Read the research: thousands of studies support our practice

Reduce Heart Disease

The only lifestyle intervention scientifically proven to reverse heart disease

Reduced Heart Attack Risk

Reduce Type 2 Diabetes

We reduce the foods causing damage and introduce what heals the body

less likely to BE diabetIC

Lower Cholesterol

Cut out the cholesterol clogging foods and watch your cholesterol fall drastically

lower Cholesterol

Lower Blood Pressure

Move more, eat better and watch your blood pressure fall in as little as 7 days

reduced risk of high bp

Weight Management

Eating nutrient-dense plant foods, without restrictions results in weight loss

reduced risk of obesity

1000+ more studies

American College of Lifestyle Medicine has over 1000 studies published on their website. Read them all.

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