Incorporate Lifestyle Medicine into Your Practice.

Lifestyle changes can transform your patients' health, but teaching and guidance takes time you don't have.

By partnering with Mora, you can integrate the power of lifestyle medicine right into your practice. We'll guide your patients through crucial lifestyle changes to help manage, treat, and even reverse chronic disease.

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Easy Referrals

Our in-person model makes referring patients easier than ever. We become an extension of your team, giving you the bandwidth to focus on your practice while knowing your patients are on a healthier lifestyle journey.

Behavior Change Specialists

Our physicians are board certified in Lifestyle Medicine and trained in behavior change. They guide patients in understanding the role diet and lifestyle plays in disease, and how to make personalized changes.

No conflicts

We do not do primary care and our interests are 100% aligned. Our focus is only on reversing chronic metabolic diseases with lifestyle interventions.

Enhance Your Practice

Behavior change is hard, takes time, and requires continued oversight, coaching and support. Our aim is to complement your medical expertise by providing your patients with extra the support that can make a big difference. We will empower patients to become champions of their health.

Support For Your Clinic

We provide a dedicated on-site Medical Assistant in your practice, 9-5pm everyday. Patients can get immediate, easy access to Mora's lifestyle services, right from the comfort of your clinic. We handle setup, support, and follow-ups, freeing you up to do what you do best – providing excellent medical care.

Turn Costs into Compensation

Sub-lease a part of your clinic office space to Mora. Mora will pay for the rent & share in office operating expenses. Simultaneously, you will be compensated for the time you and your office staff spend on referring and managing patient care.

Elevate Health with Technology

Patients get a free In-body 270 Scan in your clinic to evaluate their current health, we cover the cost of the device. Patients in your clinic will also have access to our patient app, cookbook, and online courses. This empowers them to manage their health, and allows us to provide seamless patient-physician communication, progress monitoring, and personalized lifestyle modifications, alongside your current services.

“In 4 weeks, my fasting glucose level is normal again (75-85 range) and I have lost 9 pounds. It’s been a great journey.”

Shika, Mora Patient

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“In 4 weeks, my fasting glucose level is normal again (75-85 range) and I have lost 9 pounds. It’s been a great journey.”

Shika, Mora Patient

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Partners in Practice

Meet the forward-thinking clinics already teaming up with Mora and helping their patients live healthier, happier lives.

Dr. Angie Sadeghi, MD

Institute of Plant Based Medicine
Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Jacob Chemmalakuzhy, MD

Specialized Heart Care
Plano, TX

Dr. Soham P. Patel, MBBS, MD, FACE, DipABLM

Center for Preventive Endocrinology and Nutrition
Tampa, FL