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Jasneet Kullar, MD, dipABLM

Jasneet Kullar, MD is double board certified in internal medicine and lifestyle medicine. She received her bachelor's degree with honors from the University of California, Riverside. She went on to medical school at St. George's Unviersity and completed her residency at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. She worked as an outpatient primary care physician for a decade prior to shifting her focus to lifestyle medicine.

She has experience working within a large corporation in the Silicon Valley where she helped pilot and run an ongoing healthy heart program that focuses on the reversal and prevention of risk factors for heart disease including elevated cholesterol, prediabetes and diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Jasneet is also a wife, mom to two little girls, and has a passion for cooking and culinary medicine.

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Personal origin story of plant based

Jasneet's inspiration comes from her grandmother who exemplied the pillars of lifestyle medicine until she passed away just shy of her 102nd birthday in 2021 (despite being diagnosed with heart disease and having a CABG 50+ years prior). Jasneet took her own husband and two little girls on the journey of becoming plant based starting in 2020. That year she also became board certified in lifestyle medicine and began sharing the principles with patients in her practice. She was fascinated by how quickly health can be transformed when the correct lifestyle changes are adapted. She found herself consumed by the love for this field and chose to devote the majority of her time to it moving forward.

What I’m most excited to bring to Mora patients

My excitement about lifestyle medicine; my biggest joy is seeing my patients' transformation as they make healthy lifestyle changes

My favorite food

A hearty salad, buddha bowls and vegetarian sushi :)

Ask me about

Culinary medicine and healthy recipes I love; cooking is my love language!

Most likely find me

Working on something creative (in or outside of the kitchen), watching sports, or finding fun new ways to engage my two little girls.