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Experience personalized, evidence-based care focused on nutrition and lifestyle changes. Join our community and journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Best of all, we're covered by major insurance providers.

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Our services are likely covered by your health insurance provider and billed as a standard visit. Please book a free consultation to check eligibility.

Real patients, real stories.
Incredible transformations

“I was 33 years old, over 400 pounds, and food was my prison.”

A picture of Murti

“Family means everything; I lost many of them due to poor food choices.”

A picture of Murti

“I just loved food, but the food didn't always love me back.”

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Transformational treatment plans

Our patients often experience remarkable healing and can safely reduce medications for conditions like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and obesity, thanks to our physicians' lifestyle-centered health plans.

1. Attend a Virtual Consultation

Join a 30 minute, one-to-one telehealth appointment with a lifestyle medicine clinician to discuss your medical history and health goals, order labs, and start a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

2. Join a Mora Circle

Join weekly Mora Circles for a shared journey towards better health. You'll receive support and accountability from both your trusted clinician and fellow members, as we make progress together.

It's a wonderful space to foster connections, learn from others' experiences, and receive guidance tailored to your health needs. These sessions also ensure careful monitoring of your medication and health conditions, assuring you're on the right track.

3. Deprescribe medications

As your biomarkers improve, your physician will work with you to safely lower and potentially discontinue your medications. You'll learn to rely on healthy lifestyle behaviors for better health.

By adopting healthy a tailored, healthier lifestyle, you'll enjoy increased energy, better health, and reclaim your best life with fewer medications to manage.

“In 4 weeks, my fasting glucose level is normal again (75-85 range) and I have lost 9 pounds. It’s been a great journey.”

Shika, Mora Patient

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Many people, many stories, and many incredible results


“In 2 weeks my LDL cholesterol dropped by 31% and triglycerides dropped by 41%. Both are back into normal ranges.”


“In 4 weeks, my fasting glucose level is normal again (75-85 range) and I have lost 9 pounds so far. I feel great.”


“In 8 weeks, my bp is back within normal range, and my doctor is even taking me off one of my medications.”

A best-in-class medical team you can access from home

We assess all factors impacting your health and develop a personalized, medically-guided plan specifically for you.

Meet weekly with your medical team, get more physician face time than any traditional practice.

Consult 1-on-1 with board-certified specialists in lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition.

Receive personalized advice & recommendations to treat the root cause of your symptoms.

Get quick, real answers from your dedicated medical team whenever you need.

Read the research: thousands of studies support our claims

Reduce Heart Disease

The only lifestyle intervention scientifically proven to reverse heart disease

Reduced Heart Attack Risk

Reduce Type 2 Diabetes

We reduce the foods causing damage and introduce what heals the body

less likely to BE diabetIC

Lower Cholesterol

Cut out the cholesterol clogging foods and watch your cholesterol fall drastically

lower Cholesterol

Lower Blood Pressure

Move more, eat better and watch your blood pressure fall in as little as 7 days

reduced risk of high bp

Weight Management

Eating nutrient-dense plant foods, without restrictions results in weight loss

reduced risk of obesity

1000+ more studies

American College of Lifestyle Medicine has over 1000 studies published on their website. Read them all.


Answers to frequently asked questions by patients who are getting started with Mora.

What is the Mora treatment plan? 

We provide patients with a comprehensive treatment plan that includes one-to-one appointments with a dedicated clinician, Mora Circles, Fitbit Remote Patient Monitoring, and our 11-week Weight Loss Masterclass run by the medical team. Alongside one-to-one appointments, you'll join a virtual Mora Circle with up to 10 other patients on a similar health journey. These weekly meetings, led by a physician or physician assistant, focus on the pillars of lifestyle medicine: whole foods, plant-based diet, restorative sleep, stress management, physical activity, substance control, and positive social connections. Our medical team will also continuously monitor your health data via the data from your Fitbit device.

As your health conditions improve, we'll continue to adjust your treatment plan to fit your unique needs. Most patients see improvements in their biomarkers within the first week of working with Mora, and it's even possible to begin deprescribing medications within the first 10 days as the symptoms of your condition normalize. Our Fitbit Remote Patient Monitoring ensures ongoing support and insights into your progress.

What does a visit entail?

Each group medical visit will include 60-90 minutes of detailed, comprehensive medical treatment and advice for the group and each individual patient, run by a board-certified physician or physician assistant— all from the comfort of your own home. 

You’ll discuss your progress, receive individualized advice from the physician, connect with other patients, and receive a weekly resource guide with simple, actionable advice. You’ll also receive a lifestyle prescription from your physician which consists of small but impactful changes you can make each week. 

Your clinician will ask questions to the group and to you individually to learn more about your symptoms, goals and weekly progress. They will work with you to create an actionable, personalized care plan that may include lab testing, alongside weekly lifestyle recommendations.

What are the age restrictions for visits?

At this time, Mora Circles are for patients aged 18 and above.

How long will my visit be?

Your one-to-one physician telehealth visit will be 30 minutes long.

Your first Mora Circle is 90 minutes long. This gives everyone the opportunity to introduce themselves, get to know each other, and ask any questions they have. It also gives your medical team time to discuss the treatment plans, get to know everyone individually, and get everyone started on their health journey. 

After this, the rest of your Mora Circles run closer to 60 minutes, which gives each patient plenty of time with their medical team. 

What kinds of providers are available?

Your licensed, board-certified physicians, and physician assistants, are qualified to deprescribe medication, order lab tests, monitor your RPM data, and assess your symptoms and health condition to create a personalized treatment plan for you.

Combined, they will care for you throughout your time at Mora, and are available to answer any questions you have surrounding your health and plan.

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Our services are likely covered by your health insurance provider and billed as a standard visit, while our cash pay plans are on average thousands cheaper than alternatives.